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11 marzo, 2018
Aplicaciones para MultiMedias
15 marzo, 2018
ZAPPITI VIDEO: New version available!
Improvements of version 4.17.200 (including changes of version 4.17.197 beta)
New features:
– It is now possible to sort the videos by ignoring the terms (The, A, An…) placed at the beginning of the movie title.
– It is possible to customize the list of items you want to ignore.
– Added two advanced tasks to run diagnostics.
– Added an advanced task to force a full scan of video files.
– Added some new categories.
– Improvement of the beta subscription page in the HTML management interface of the server.
– Improved discovery of network devices.
– Improved detection of technical information of video files on Zappiti 4K HDR players.
– Improved management of the screen saver.
– The folder selection button in the folder configuration window is better integrated.
– The error messages in case of impossible playback of a video are more explicit.
– Improvement of the display of the general conditions of use when creating a new Zappiti account.
– Improved the error message when the creation of a user account fails when the email used is already linked to a Zappiti account.
– Improved sorting of videos that started with an accented letter or a special character.
– Improved remote video launch capabilities through the API for developers.
– Improvement of the messages in case of error creating the .Zappiti folder when adding a removable folder.
– Better centralization of user account information between different Zappiti applications to avoid having to login in each application.
– The number of characters possible in a personal category name increases from 8 to 15.
– Improvement of the pin code input window to better adapt to certain mobile devices.
– Improved visual feedback when removing a movie from a group, or deleting it.
– iPhone: Improved cache management of images.
– iPhoneX: Improved support for the navigation bar.
– iPhoneX: Improved screen resolution detection.
– iPhoneX: Improved the application’s orientation optimized for the location of the sensors.
– iPhoneX: Improved interface optimized for the rounded edges.
– Diagnostic consultation links sent by email are working again.
– The focus on the “Add this folder” button in the folder configuration window is again well managed.
– OSX: Fixed a problem accessing network folder content that could lead to movie mixing between multiple collections.
– Fixed a Token request issue already entered when using multiple Zappiti accounts simultaneously.
– Zappiti NAS: Fixed a problem updating stats.
– Repairing access to the category menu in some collections.
– Fixed IMDb scraping info.
– Fixed a problem launching some videos.
– Fixed an issue that allowed a movie to be associated with a disabled saga (or group). The groups in this state have been reactivated which allows access to new movies.
– Fixed a cloud server stability issue.
– Fixed a navigation problem in the menu after watching an additional content (bonus).
– Fixed a problem viewing all videos in the Recent menu.
– Fixed an issue that prevented categories from being associated with a personal video.
– Fixed an issue that prevented editing of personal video information.
– Windows, OSX: Fixed a problem of right click on the synopsis after watching a bonus.

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