RuiPRO 8K60 2.1

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16 mayo, 2019
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27 febrero, 2020

Disponibles los más novedosos cables híbridos HDMI de RuiPRO, ahora 8K60

Desde 1 hasta 20 metros en stock. Testado por el canal de YouTUBE de Leoni Ruiz.

HDMI cables which properly and reliably support 48 Gbps & HDMI 2.1
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RuiPRO no es primerizo en este tema y ya lleva años de trabajo con su anteriores series de cables. Nosotros disponemos de los 4K60, hasta 30 metros, disponibles (otras longitudes superiores bajo pedido), en 8K60 hasta 20 metros …
Bienvenidos a lo último en cables HDMI y ¡AQUI!

Cargadores HDMI para cables RuiPRO8K, incluidos en longitudes a partir de los 10 metros.

HDMI Fibre Optic RuiPRO 8K to 48 Gbps

Ruipro known and revered world wide for absolute quality HDMI Fibre Optic cables has now developed latest 8k HDMI UHD version to suit high speed. The Ruipro “Hybrid” can provide 4:4:4: chroma sampling, richer colours, darker blacks, brighter whites.

Supports: eARC, ARC, VRR, Dynamic HDR, QTF, QMS, CEC, EDID, EMI-FREE,  no signal loss. Cable is thinner and softer than traditional Fibre cables so has a tighter bend radius and less resilient to damage. Each cable is fully tested to conform to all specifications.

Specifications: Plug and play no need for external power supply
Support up to HDMI 2.1 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz UHD display
Arc, eArc, Dynamic HDR (HDR/HDR10/HDR10+), Dolby Vision, VRR, ALLIM, QTF, QMS
Color Sub-sampling of 4:4:4 with Deep Color, 8/10/12 bits
HDCP 2.2 fully support EDID and HDCP communication
Cable lengths: 1 to 50 m
Conector : HDMI Type A to Type A male
Plug size: 18.72mm W x 9.4mm H x 44.96mm L
Cable thickness: less than 5 mm in diameter
Best bandwidth is 48Gbps
Support HDCP2.2 CEC/EDID.
Minimised plug casing for easy installation.
Instal direct from receiver to display
Transfer high frequency signals by fibre, EMI/RF free for clear signal transmission
Includes USB power supply it’s only required if legacy device signal is poor.
Up to 32 audio channels for a multi-dimensional immersive audio
CE/RoHS certificated

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