Nueva actualización (BETA) para Dune HD PRO 4K

HiMedia H1000 4K
29 julio, 2018
Nuevos Zidoo Z9s y Z10
27 octubre, 2018
Dune HD Pro 4K Plus

Dune HD Pro 4K Plus 2019

Dune HD Pro 4K

Nueva BETA para PRO. Mejora sustancialmente los errores que tiene, aunque le falta para mejorar “un poco”. Por supuesto, recomendable el actualizar para resolver problemas.


Changes since 180902_0153_r13:
- Various improvements for Full BD Menu playback support:
    - Improvement: Improved compatibility with specific BD titles (various
      BD titles, which could not be played in Full BD Menu mode before, now
      can be played).
    - Improvement: Added showing of playback position on the front panel
      display also in Full BD Menu mode.
    - Bugfix: BD menu picture could be distored in some cases in Full BD
      Menu mode.
    - Bugfix: Autoresolution and autoframerate did not work properly in
      some cases in Full BD Menu mode.
    - Bugfix: When very quickly switching subtitles in Full BD Menu mode,
      video playback could stutter or hang.
    - Bugfix: Only first 8 audio tracks were available in Full BD Menu
    - Some other fixes and improvements for Full BD Menu mode.
- Improvement: Improved support for some Android applications such as
- Improvement: Minor improvements and fixes in Kartina.TV application.
- Improvement: Added ZOOM support for DASH video streams.
- Improvement: Improved technical information shown for DASH video streams.
- Improvement: Improved support for DASH video streams of VOD type.
- Improvements for the support for USB and Bluetooth keyboards and remote
    - F3: enable/disable virtual mouse mode.
    - Alt-F3: SEARCH.
- Bugfix: Copying big files into "Internal Memory" folder could not work in
  some cases.
   - NOTE: To fix this problem, it is required to reset settings once after
     installing the new firmware (in order to reformat the internal flash
     memory partition).
   - NOTE: Resetting settings once after installing this firmware is
     recommended anyway, even if "Internal Memory" feature is not used.
     this will fix some problems in the internal flash memory partition
     which can potentially cause some instabilities.
- Bugfix: When "software standby" mode was used, HDMI output was only
  blanked but was not switched off completely.
- Bugfix: When CEC was enabled, and the media player was switched off, the
  TV was not switched off. Now, the TV is switched off in this case (NOTE:
  because of CEC compatibility issues, may still work not with all TV
- Bugfix: When SPMC/KODI was used as a player, there could be problems when
  switching to/from SPMC/KODI in some cases.
- Bugfix: Option to resume playback position was wrongly proposed in some
- Bugfix: When long-pressing some remote control buttons (such as ENTER)
  the button press could be wrongly handled as multiple presses in some
- Bugfix: IP Control: Some IP Control commands did not work correctly in
  some cases.
- Bugfix: HTTP/TS video streams did not work via HTTPS in some cases. 
- Bugfix: HTTP headers (User-Agent and X-Dune-...) were wrongly not sent in
  some cases.
- Some other minor improvements/fixes.

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Juan Carlos (JC)

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  1. admin dice:

    Nueva actualización, de nuevo BETA. Esta actualización repara bastantes errores ya remitidos a DUNE HD. Esperemos que poco a poco lo vayan dejando mejor ….

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